In todays quickly evolving and digital world,
every brand, business, mission and person requires an online presence.

Weblighter is a web service company that will take you from nothing to a fully functioning website that will reflect and enhance your ventures purpose and ignite your online presence while incorporating your input at every step.

Weblighter sparked when myself (@jamesluunt , Computer Science undergraduate) and @harrykerr63 , E-Commerce and Digital Marketing postgraduate, decided to use our academic backgrounds to provide a Trusty, Professional and Intimate service for local people seeking to start up online.

We combine Techinal Expertise, Design Thinking and Business acumen to provide our customers with Hosting and IP management aswell as other IT Support and Services,
stylish and applicable Web Design that obeys UI and UX principles and mirrors your purpose,
and Business Guidance and Content Marketing to reach your destined audience and compete in e-commerce.

We will Create, Host and Maintain your website and then continue to facilitate support (both technical and business) to keep your website alight.

If you or someone you know needs a website check out our own website at weblighter.ie for a full list of services, prices and FAQ.

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