The Portrait was a digital adaptation of @lauraosheax adaptation of the Oscar Wilde play ‘The portrait of Dorian Gray’. Originally this was to be a live/filmed show but due to coronavirus, the project was taken online.

I had a lot of fun making this website as I didn’t have to adhere to critical guidelines that commercial websites should. Instead it was an art project devoted to Laura and the other students’ examiners as well as friends and family and also the actors and directors themselves.

Its supposed to mimick popular social media platforms where the home page is a timeline of each characters ‘posts’ and then each character has their own profile which has their individual posts. These posts consist of videos of the actors performing scenes, captioned photos and some audio clips. The newsfeed is chronological with the story so the user progresses through the plot as they scroll down the page.
There’s even a secret ‘dark web’ page that plays in very well with the plot if you can find it.

The website is minimalist (so minimalist in fact that I did it in essentially one sitting), the title text is cursive to make it look handwritten and the photos and videos are bordered to give a framed art gallery look.

It seemed a bit lawless producing a drama/theatre experience on a website but it turned out surprisingly well and is a testament to how restrictions (covid restrictions in particular) can breed creativity.

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