The Cribs

For my first website I worked with @ciarawinkelmann7 to build an online shop for her ‘Cribs’: fantastic tabletop bean bags for multi device support. Learn more at

‘The Cribs ™️’ was a baptism of fire. Not only was it my first proper crack at web design but also its an e-commerce website, this was intimidating because the integrity of the website is directly correlated to the shop owners sales and earnings; if the website lags or crashes the sale is lost, if the look is ugly, idiosyncratic or there is a typo or misspelling customers will leave the site in a heartbeat, especially if they’re meant to enter their bank details.
Fortunately I was under the advisory of my co-worker @harrykerr63 whos currently finishing his dissertation in e-commerce and digital marketing and has worked on these kind of websites before. Aswell as Ciara, the shop owner, who is well versed in marketing and advertisement and also a great artist.

The theme of the website is colourful and comfy, just like the product. What really ties it together is the product photography, the perfectly white background that let’s the product just float on the page. This stands out particularly in the 3rd image ^, the shop page, where every variety of ‘Cribs’ are listed.

Not to mention we used the WordPress plugins ‘WooComerce’ and ‘Stripe payment gateway’ which alleviated much of the difficulty of the payment process and makes the store way more credible and trustworthy.

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